Full length video projection from installation.

The stand of the tide., 2015/16
Video Projection and Sound Floor
13:13 loop
8 x 11’ black room with 8” raised sound platform floor


The stand of the tide: Before any turn of the tide, there is a brief period where there is no current, the water is completely unstressed. The water level is almost stationary and the tidal currents fall away to zero velocity, before reversing.

Light breaks, then fades; tides rise before they can fall. These are places we visit over and over in our lives – the sites of recurring stasis, the feeling of home. Singular moments unfold across minutes, meditatively stretched across time and yet detached from reality. The washing of hands, a single blink of an eye – their elegant suspension giving way to uncertainty over time. Movement through light distorts and disorients, reveals and conceals.

At the stand of the tide, here I am suspended, waiting for it to fall, fracture, and start again.


installed stand of the tide room
The stand of the tide installed at the SFAI MFA Graduate Exhibtion in 2016.

The stand of the tide is an installation in a completely black room featuring a projected 13:13 loop of footage accompanied by sound amplified through an 8” raised floor. Both the footage and sound are slowed down to the same speed, roughly 62x slower than natural motion and spoken word. The video footage was captured with a Phantom high-speed camera to produce high-fidelity movement at extremely slow speeds.

r/sf installation r/sf installation
The stand of the tide installed at r/sf projects in San Francisco in 2016.

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