Still Summer, 2021

Still summer is a meditation on profound loss in all forms. 

In the spring of 2020 I lost my father to liver cancer. There's nothing that can prepare you for grief; There's nothing that can prepare you for the full weight of loss. I thought I had immersed myself in art that explained it to me—in films, music, photographs—in preparation for losing him, I thought I understood, by some means of absorption, what it would feel like. But I didn’t.

The spring of 2020 was the first peak of the COVID pandemic. Faced with the combination of isolation and grief, I turned to familiar places and studies I had long sought as meditations. I sat in a loop with the light that filters in through the windows and skylights in my home. I watched, I waited, I mourned. I looked for ways to comprehend the monumental shift happening in my life.

It took me a full year and a half to compose anything coherent out of that time. Roughly 15,000 stills, and many less words.

Still's still summer here.